Standard Life's Hambi bullish on Japan

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Standard Life's Hambi bullish on Japan

Bambos Hambi, head of fund of funds management at Standard Life Investments (), says he has increased exposure to Japan through the Schroder Tokyo fund.

Hambi manages Standard Life's MyFolio range, 25 risk-targeted funds with total assets under management reaching £3.1 billion as at the end of June.

There are currently seven people managing the range alongside him, but the team will be expanded to nine by the end of the year.

Hambi says: "One of the key changes we have recently made is to add to our Japanese fund, the Schroder Tokyo fund. We have gone overweight Japan for the first time this year."

Schroders (SDR) has recently launched a sterling hedged unit class for its Japanese funds range in order to keep a close eye on the volatile currency.

Hambi adds he is concerned about the Japanese yen falling. He says: "We do think you can make some money out of Japan but you need to keep a close eye on currency."

He adds: "We have been talking to Schroders for a number of months now encouraging them to launch a sterling-hedged share class to manage currency risk, that went through a few weeks ago. We have moved our holdings to the sterling-hedged class in order to protect our clients from a fall in the yen."

Hambi says he likes the Japanese market. "Within the income range Japan is not a strategic asset class. However, we have just tactically added to this region in our income range. The strategic view is getting it right for 10 years whilst tactical asset allocation is looking three to six months ahead to try to add some value as well."

Schroder Tokyo
1 Year (%)9.01
3 Year (%)32.98
5 Year (%)64.55
Rating3 star(s)

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